Friday , 3 July 2015
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What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing 360 Radio Show

Here is an excerpt from a recent episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show, part of the Next Stage Online Radio lineup of programs.  Host Pamela Muldoon interviews Jennifer Kane, Kane Consulting on “What Is Content Marketing?”  Pamela:  Today’s show is called, “What is content marketing?” We’re going to dive into that, but before we do, Jennifer, will you just ... Read More »

5 Phases of Content Marketing

Content-Marketing Word Cloud Image 5-13

There is one mistake I see so many small businesses make when it comes to marketing their business online.  They are starting the process in the middle.  I believe that content marketing is actually a 5-Step Process.   Many of you reading this have decided to “do social media” as part of your online marketing, but I challenge you to take ... Read More »

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